Maitri: In Nov. of 2009, I joined Maitri the Indian Graduate student association as its web master. My primary job role was to revamp the ailing legacy website. Maitri's website is a high traffic website average page view of about 2271 per month and average visits about 655 per month. Using basic XHTML, CSS, JS and AJAX I recreated a feature rich, quick loading website.


Posters and Graphic Art: The past year, my work has primarily focused on graphic art and design. I have worked on event posters, flyers, logos for various events/organizations at NCSU. You can find most of my work featured in my deviantart profile or the Maitri Website


Nikatrex: Nikatrex's development started in 2007 and is a continuing process. It combines JS, PHP, SQL, XHTML and CSS Codes. Frameworks like CakePHP, Jquery and content management systems like Wordpress are used. The design takes its inspiration from Ethnic India, combining colors of turmeric, Indian skin and the banyan leaf.

Nikatrex logo

Niwiki Logo: Niwiki is a Content Management System which is presently under development. The Logo for Niwiki was developed using Coraldraw® and Adobe Fireworks®. It helps connect the concept of a 'wiki', which is a Hawaiian word for 'fast', with fast cubing and also help define the site as an repository of textual information.

Niwiki logo

Wordpress Themes: Nikatrex first worked on a wordpress theme in 2008, when it created the 'Nikatrex Theme' for the Nikatrex-blog. The theme due to its relation with the site has not been made public. However, Singular-1.0 the second wordpress theme under the Nikatrex banner is available for download under the GPL licence.

Theme screenshot

rhullur [at] ncsu.edu
ranga.nikhil [at] gmail.com
Hello, My name is Nikhil Hulluru. I am freelance web-designer and Nikatrex is my sandbox. I enjoy creating websites with rich styles and vector graphics while incorporating new technologies. Do check out my Blog for some nice travelogues and interesting pieces of code. To find out more about me visit my Profile. For business enquires contact me at ranga.nikhil[at]gmail.com. Any feedback is welcome. Cheers
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